Wimborne Food Bank is a project supported by Faithworks

Opening times

Wednesday, 10am – 12pm, Friday, 2pm – 4pm

On Wednesdays

The YOU Trust offer Housing and Benefits Advice between 10am – 12pm.
There is also a Job Club available between 10am – 12pm.

The Methodist Church has a job vacancy for a Lay Employee: Children and Families Worker (Part Time)

Download job details: here

The Wimborne Community Fridge is now open & is situated at the Allendale Centre in their environmental & recycling area. This Fridge is for EVERYONE. If you pass the fridge & see something you would use please feel free to take it as we do not want to have to throw any of this food away. Volunteers will stock the fridge with surplus food from our local supermarkets but we would also ask that if you ever have any unwanted fresh food that you think of putting it in to the Community Fridge. Please spread the word, if you are going on holiday & have unwanted fresh food, if you know anyone with an allotment that has an excess of food or if you see a buy one get one free offer & you do not need the free one please think of the fridge & reduce food waste whilst helping others within the Community.

There is a separate racking unit next to the fridge for the Bread & Bakery items that we will be receiving. Please bring your own bags (especially for the bakery items)

✓✓ Sealed packaged foods
✓✓ Cheeses
✓✓ Fresh fruit
✓✓ Fresh vegetables
✓✓ Table sauces
✓✓ Pastry
✓✓ Unopened pasteurised milk and yogurt
✓✓ Unopened fruit juices
✓✓ Salads
✓✓ Fresh eggs (traceable Lion stamped eggs with clean shells and a use-by date)
PLEASE NOTE If putting food into new or different packaging, make sure the use-by date and allergy information are transferred across.
×× Cooked food from your home or unregistered sources
×× Unpasteurised milk
×× Cooked rice
×× Raw milk cheeses
×× Pâtés
×× Bean sprouts
×× Products which could contain any of the above ingredients
×× Unlabelled multiple ingredient items

The new Foodbank HUB is now open on Wednesdays 1.30-3.00pm at St Michael’s Church Centre.

Food parcel vouchers

You need to ask for a voucher before you can collect your food parcel.  These can be requested from:

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Wimborne Food Bank Annual Report 2018
Wimborne Food Bank Annual Report 2018